Today you are making a decision.  Today you are deciding to reach out, be listened to and make personal changes.  Together we can take up this challenge in a safe, confidential and highly supportive environment.

Therapy is a journey of process.  It takes some wisdom and a lot of strength to decide that the time is right.  Some people may have what they feel to be small problems that they want to resolve.  Others may have experienced past or recent trauma that is now significantly impacting their lives.   Each person perceives their problems or challenges in a uniquely individual way and effective therapy needs to focus on your unique way of feeling, thinking and behaving.

The process of exploring your inner self in an effort to fully understand and value who you are is not always easy.  But most people have a capacity for insight and the necessary strength to know when change needs to happen.

Ever increasing insights allow for changes in perception and behavior that nourish your life force.  It is much like phototropism, the process by which plants and flowers, no matter where they are will always turn to face the sun.  Nature guarantees that they will make the changes (turn) needed to obtain their nourishment.

Let's lift up the lantern and now begin to turn.