Why go to marriage or couple's therapy? The obvious answer is 'when we think we need to'. I would add to this 'because not only does it make the issues more manageable by resolving problems but affords the couple a chance to become much closer and more intimate in the process'. Many challenges bring couples into therapy. The following list begins with the most common and ends with more traumatic or crisis oriented reasons couples enter into therapy:

  1.  Communication problems from not really understanding each other to intense arguments.
  2.  Parenting disagreements.
  3.  Financial problems.
  4.  Sexual or other intimacy difficulties.
  5.  Phase of life challenges such as the 'empty nest syndrome', retirement, raising your grandchildren.
  6.  Addiction. Not only alcohol and drugs, but workaholism, internet use, pornography or other forms of obsessive behavior that negatively impact the relationship.
  7.  Sudden crisis such as the death of a child, the birth of a chronically ill or disabled child, loss of home and income or one or both parties experiencing a disabling or terminal illness.
  8.  Infidelity.
  9.  Impending divorce which may also involve pre and post divorce counseling.

You could probably add more ideas of your own. The important thing is that if either of you think that there is a problem then there is one. You deserve to talk with a therapist that will respectfully approach you both as two individuals as well as appreciating your style as a couple. This requires a therapist who is non-judgmental, does not take sides and does not shock or surprise easily. One that can access many intervention skills that can help to clarify your needs and help you to create doable solutions so that whatever decisions you may make will be based on ever increasing knowledge about yourself, your partner and the relationship at hand.